Rape crisis centre will dispel myths

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An event is being held for people to find out more about what can be done locally to support women who have experienced sexual violence.

GRACE was set up four years ago to provide support to both recent and historic survivors of rape in rural parts of Northumberland.

And on Friday, April 26, the group will hold an event at Ellingham Hall called “Rape – It doesn’t happen in Northumberland,” to dispel the myths.

The event is aimed at those who receive disclosures of sexual violence, those who currently refer clients to GRACE and anyone who is interested in finding out more about sexual violence against women in Northumberland.

Those attending will find out about the incidence of sexual violence in the county and what support currently exists for women survivors.

The team also want to use the event to help identify the barriers facing women who experience sexual assault and ask what more could be done locally to support women.

GRACE offers one to one counselling, a telephone helpline, a supporters scheme and training for professionals in other organisations that provide victim support.

The event is on Friday, April 26, from 10am to 3pm at Ellingham Hall, Ellingham, Chathill.

To attend the event call (01642) 713211 or email graceevent@ynesidercc.org.uk for further details.