Rare figurines from Star Wars collection to go up for auction

Some of the Star Wars collectibles to go up for auction.
Some of the Star Wars collectibles to go up for auction.

Rare Star Wars figurines dating back nearly 40 years are set to go under the hammer.

As the world is gripped by the seventh movie in the sci-fi series – Star Wars: The Force Awakens – some figures from the original 1977 film are going up for auction.

Newcastle-based Anderson & Garland is auctioning a collection of original figurines produced to tie-in with the release of the first film, including a Snaggletooth – aka Zutton – figure, which is one of the rarest Star Wars action figures on the market.

The plastic figures, complete with moveable limbs, date from 1978-1980 and are being sold on behalf of an anonymous vendor from the north east at the Town and County Sale on Wednesday, January 13.

They are being auctioned in a single lot which includes Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, a Luke Skywalker with extending light sabre, plus rarer figures Jawa, Hammerhead and Greedo and a Millennium Falcon spaceship.

The figurines were all made by Kenner, which held the copyright from LucasFilms. The toy maker only had limited resources to work with when creating some of the fringe characters, such as Snaggletooth.

Anderson & Garland auctioneer and Star Wars fan, Fred Wyrley-Birch, said: “Snaggletooth was only in the film for a few moments and the toymakers apparently only had a grainy black and white photo of his head to go on.

“They did their best, but instead of a character that was only 3ft tall and wore red, they produced a prototype that wore blue and was of average human height.

“The figure was quickly scrapped, and the Snaggletooth we’re auctioning is one of a limited number that still exist.”

All the figurines are unboxed and have been cherished and played with, but the inclusion of the rare minor figures alongside the main characters make them particularly collectible.

Anderson & Garland is expecting them to be hotly contested, especially with the huge excitement generated by the new film.

Mr Wyrley-Birch said: “These toys have been enjoyed but they are still very collectible. The Snaggletooth figure alone is worth up to a few hundred pounds.

“Star Wars collectors aren’t the middle-aged men who live with their mothers that the stereotype dictates; they come in all shapes and sizes, from children to grown-ups who remember when the original film was released.

“You never know, if you collect the tie-in figures released to coincide with The Force Awakens, they may well be worth hundreds of pounds in 40 years’ time.”

The collection has an estimated value of £300 to £500, but could well sell for much more, especially with the current Star Wars mania that is introducing the whole saga to a new generation of fans.

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