Ray against opencast at beauty spot

The former drummer of north east band Lindisfarne has hit out at plans to excavate seven million tonnes of coal from an opencast mine close to the beach at Druridge Bay.

Ray Laidlaw, who now produces musical events, believes that coal and other fossil fuels have had their day and that it is now time to utilise more environmentally friendly sources of energy.

The musician gave his backing to the Save Druridge campaign by signing a petition to stop a proposed scheme that would see The Banks Group undertake mining for ten years with a further five years restoration period.

He said: “This is not the time to be considering opencast mines anywhere, let alone on this beautiful stretch of the Northumberland coastline.”

The petition can be viewed at http://committees.northumberland.gov.uk/elps/entity/EMnzAFASA3dKDw7pXeAet9v?searchreq=50