Re-creation of painting

A group of photographers have recreated a famous scene from a piece of work by one of the Pitmen Painters.

On Saturday the group worked with celebrated photographer Julian Germain to recreate the scene from Fish and Chips, originally captured by Fred Laidler in 1948 during his time as one of the famous Ashington Group of Pitmen Painters.

The group, who have been working with Julian for the past six months, are producing a photographic journal for Ashington called the Ashington District Star, which takes its inspiration from the Ashington Group painters.

Ahead of the session the group asked local people to help them locate the right chippy and for people to appear in the photo.

Fred Laidler’s granddaughter Anne and great granddaughter Daisy featured in the photograph, which was shot at Billy’s Golden Fish and Chips (formerly Cuthbertsons) at the west end of Station Road in Ashington.