Reaching out to those who need extra help in power cut

More support is being offered to vulnerable people who may need help during a power cut.

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 7:15 am

Northern Powergrid, the region’s electricity distributor, is asking people to consider if they, a family member or a friend, could benefit from extra support during a power cut and encouraging them to join its Priority Services Register.

The company has launched a campaign to inform people about its free service and share information about who is eligible to join and how to sign up.

The campaign, which includes a four-week social media campaign, is encouraging people to think about how a power cut might affect them or a family member who may be more vulnerable, such as those who have a medication condition or equipment that relies on electricity.

The electricity distributor hopes its campaign will spur people to take action and look into signing up so that they can receive additional advice and support should they have a power cut in the future.

Jess Cook, priority services manager at Northern Powergrid, said: “We want our customers who may find a power cut more difficult as result of their medical conditions or particular personal circumstance to know that our Priority Services Register is there for them.

“Through the service we can give support to people who need it most during a power cut by keeping our customers with a disability, medical condition or very young families updated as well as, in some cases, offering practical support services such as sending our Customer Support Vehicles or organising alternative accommodation during a prolonged power cut.

“Going digital with our campaign means we can target different groups of customers depending on their or their family’s personal circumstances and link them directly to our website where they can find out more about the register and services we provide.

“Customers can sign up friends or family – as well as themselves – so if you care about someone and want to make sure they get extra help during a power cut, please take a moment to find out more about our Priority Services Register.”

For more information visit and sign up.