Record one of failure

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LAST week we watched David Cameron and Nick Clegg attempt to re-launch their government half-way through the Parliamentary term.

Just like that infamous Dave and Nick rose garden ‘wedding’ nearly three years ago, the performance was full of sound-bites but no substance.

No amount of relaunch ‘spin’ can disguise that their record is one of failure and that communities such as Wansbeck are paying the price.

When they took office the economy was growing but their policies choked off recovery and delivered the longest doubled-dip recession for 60 years. Their failure means economic growth has been downgraded for this and every year up to 2016 and they are having to borrow £212m more than they planned.

Sadly their record on failure goes beyond the economy. In the NHS the prime minister has pushed forward a massive, wasteful £3bn upheaval despite the promise of no more top-down re-organisations.

Some 7,000 nursing jobs have been cut and waits in A&E get longer by the day.

His cuts to the police force will also mean 15,000 officers disappearing from our streets.

Whether it’s falling house prices, Sure Start closures, soaring train fares and energy bills Cameron’s government is failing hard-working people.

While hard-working families on low and middle incomes are paying the price of failure, 8,000 millionaires receive tax cuts averaging £107,000.

Two-thirds of people being hit by cuts are working people, which unravels the Chancellor’s claims that he was making scroungers and benefit cheats pay the price for cutting the welfare bill. The truth is that David Cameron has introduced a ‘strivers’ not ‘skivers’ tax with a one-earner family on £20,000 a year standing to lose £279 a year as a result of his tax credit and benefit reforms.

Dave and Nick promised change but the only change is that things have got worse not better.