Red squirrels are in forest

I would like to reply to the letter ‘The enemies in grey suits’ (News Post Leader, September 26).

I wholeheartedly agree with this gentleman and was just wondering if anyone watched the national news on September 20 about the plight of the red squirrel and the breeding programme as there are only 140,000 of them left.

It saddens me to see the destruction of the forest at Bomarsund, and especially when so much money and time is being spent on protecting them and their habitat in other parts of the UK.

The letter from Catherine Weightman (September 12) highlights the fact that a floored survey was carried out on the site, but because the trees and dreys had been destroyed it was impossible to prove that red squirrels live there.

No disrespect to Catherine, but I live in Bomarsund and they do live in the forest and I have seen dreys, as have other residents.

The county council should admit they were wrong and replant the trees. I am sure there are other places that can be used for storage, such as industrial estates not nature reserves.

Julie Scott