REDEVELOPMENT: Second best is no good

A councillor reports that the government has cut local budgets by up to 40 per cent and Bedlington has to compromise with its redevelopment, (News Post Leader, August 27).

No such problems for Ashington, with its new state-of -the-art super sport centre, costing over £20m, two swimming pools, community centre, the list goes on.

With that in mind, I don’t think the council needs to open to the public the sports facilities at Ashington’s new school. Both Ashington and Bedlington schools are being built with government money.

Now we hear of another £74m for Ashington. God knows how many tens of millions it will take to develop that massive amount of land being cleared between the sports centre and the bus station.

No money tree in Front Street, there’s a giant piggy bank in Station Road.

I hope the council is not expecting the good people of Bedlington to accept second best and be thankful for small mercies while the Ashington train gathers speed and shows no sign of derailment.

The council says it wants the best for Bedlington. Go out and make a noise for Bedlington and get the best.

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