Redressing the balance in favour of more affluent areas?

I suspect that when compiling his contribution to your most recent ‘Window on Westminster’ (News Post Leader, November 7) Ronnie Campbell, MP, is making selective use of the information available to him.

I am not in a position to dispute the figures he quotes and accept that, without qualification, they paint a dreadful picture of bias against Labour strongholds, including the north east.

However, what he cannot be unaware of is the fact that those Labour strongholds are net absorbers of the nation’s wealth and are, on an on-going basis, subsidised by the, largely Tory-voting, taxpayers in the more affluent areas of the country.

Could it therefore be the case that those responsible for allocating money from the Growing Places Fund did so with the aim of, to a small degree, redressing the balance in favour of the taxpayers in those more affluent areas, many of whom are by no means rich and in some cases earn less then an MP.

Alan Donnelly