Reduction in anti social behaviour

PEOPLE causing anti social behaviour in Morpeth have been targeted by police.

In response to community concerns, local officers carried out patrols at specific times and locations throughout December, to prevent anti-social behaviour and provide reassurance to the public.

Month-on-month there has been a decrease in anti-social behaviour in the town, with a 30 per cent reduction compared to November, with 46 incidents compared to 66.

Morpeth Neighbourhood Sergeant, Sharon Wilmore-Greaves, said: “As part of the operation officers visited pubs in Morpeth to check the establishments were adhering to their licence, not serving drunk or underage people, and to monitor alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

“Nearly 40 licensed premise checks were conducted during December at eight venues in the town.

“These were in addition to those completed by police with Northumberland County Council licensing officers before Christmas.

“The high profile police presence contributed to the reduction in alcohol related anti-social behaviour and crime in Morpeth during the festive period with only two crimes of theft and one of criminal damage linked to the licensed premises.

“There were no alcohol related anti-social behaviour incidents.”

Anyone with concerns about anti-social behaviour can contact their neighbourhood policing team on the 101 non-emergency number.