Refit to help firm Krush the market

An Ashington-based global iced drinks manufacturer has unveiled a £1million refit that is good for both business and the health and well-being of its staff.

Wednesday, 27th December 2017, 12:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th December 2017, 12:10 pm
Polar Krush has unveiled a £1 million factory refit.

The cutting edge technology to fully automate the factory line has allowed Polar Krush to create a more streamlined and stress-free environment for staff as the business continues to grow.

The company has also used its core brand characteristics, such as ‘natural’ and ‘packed with flavour’, and feedback from employees to influence the new design at its facility in Wansbeck Business Park.

Polar Krush has unveiled a £1 million factory refit.

Bright graphics adorn the walls and changes have been made to the factory floor and rest areas.

Alongside internal promotions and retraining, the company has created 20 new jobs in the past two years.

New members of the team are already in place in production and warehouse roles to help manage the dramatic increase in customer orders.

Polar Krush founder Paul Goldfinch said: “From filling boxes, collating and palletising, we are now all fully automated.

Polar Krush has unveiled a £1 million factory refit.

“As well as allowing us to increase our output and productivity dramatically, our factory revamp also allows us to upskill and retrain our staff, ensuring that we are giving them the best possible footing for their careers.

“A total of 12.5million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17 in the UK.

“At Polar Krush, our staff are our greatest asset and improvements to the factory floor and rest areas have created a much better working environment.

“Physical work space has a direct impact on employee productivity and morale and it makes perfect sense to generate an environment that is conducive to the well-being of our talented people.”

The new automated factory line is powered from the 212 solar panels on the factory roof – so no additional energy is used, keeping the company’s environmental impact to a minimum.

The launch comes close behind the company’s move to make its products completely sugar free, as well as using natural colours and flavours, in its range.

Polar Krush also plans to welcome school groups behind the scenes, with the aim of helping children to better understand how a large business works.