REFUGEES: Attack on desperate

I read with disappointment and shame the anti-refugee rhetoric in Jean Aitken's letter, (News Post Leader, June 16).

Sunday, 10th July 2016, 6:00 am

Perhaps we could, as a nation, voice our disapproval at the massive corporations who avoid paying their taxes, or the deals that prevent public monies being collected.

Why must we attack those who are desperate for help under the guise of ‘there’s not enough to go around’?

Can we not show a degree of compassion?

No one is asking Britain to take in ‘half the world’. Perhaps if Ms Aitken believes that 12 families a year represents ‘half the world’ it says more about her than anything else.

I do wish people would have the confidence to voice the real reasons why they’re so against immigration, though I fear that truth would be even more unpalatable.

James Anderson