REFUGEES: Will locals miss out?

Northumberland County Council has agreed to accept 12 Syrian refugee families per year over the next five years and put them up in houses in Cramlington, which equals 60 families.

Saturday, 28th May 2016, 6:00 am

Will these families stop local people and local families from Cramlington or other places in Northumberland from getting a family home?

The council will get £36,080 per family per year for giving these people a home. Thus the council will get £432,960 from the Home Office for the 12 families.

I was divorced ten years ago and I could not get accommodation from the council after my house was sold in settlement of the divorce.

I emailed my MP Ronnie Campbell explaining that I had been a ratepayer for years. I was a professional worker (teacher), and eventually, after 18 months, I got offers from housing associations.

I have been homeless and I was not given the priorities these people seem to be given, and I pay taxes, national insurance, etc.

Does charity belong at home?

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