REGENERATION: Let’s have a velodrome

Following the recent publicity regarding the future of Bedlington after the closure of Tesco, the answer may well lie in the simple expedient of providing something that no other local community does.

I don’t believe for one minute that another retailer or same coming to Bedlington would work.

This is because Bedlington town centre is basically one street with limited and/or awkward parking facilities. Most can’t be bothered to park at the Tesco car park (as was) and walk up and around. It is much easier to drive straight through to Asda Blyth, or head for Cramlington.

No, unless the vast area of that car park becomes more retail-friendly, the idea of some company moving into the Tesco site would lead to the same result experienced by Safeway, then Tesco.

Here’s a thought. Why not develop the car park into a velodrome?

There isn’t another one for miles and cycling is now a growing, mass participation sport. Entry/membership fees would cover the cost in a short space of time and cyclists from all over Northumberland, maybe beyond, would come to use it, particularly in winter. County/regional competitions could be held there too. What an investment in Bedlington.

Of course, now I’ve suggested it the council will build one in Ashington, Cramlington or Blyth, won’t it?

If the politicians are serious about responding to ‘Make a Noise for Bedlington’, here’s a way. What do they say? I look forward to hearing their responses.

J Waddle (non-cyclist)