REGENERATION: Let’s unlock the potential

I wanted to write to reply to Revell Cornell’s letter (News Post Leader, August 20).

As a fellow Blyth resident, I’d also like to express my concerns over the decline in progress in Blyth.

As a resident who is not born and bred in Blyth, I decided to buy my first property in the town over ten years ago due to the promise of regeneration and growth.

I thought it would be an exciting place to live and if I decided to move in the future, a good investment too.

With the promise of the town centre, seafront regeneration and a much-needed train service into Newcastle, it seemed like a sensible choice.

Although, like Revell, I think some of the investment has been a welcome addition to the area, Blyth is very much seen as an area on the poverty line and not a place to visit.

What disappoints me most is that we have a wonderful place that has so much potential.

The beautiful beach and scenery make it great place to bring up kids and embrace the outdoor lifestyle.

Yet Blyth still seems to be lacking a soul.

The town centre is filled with discount stores with little else on offer unless you want to go to a pub or have a cup of coffee.

The Tall Ships is a fantastic thing to bring to the area, but what do we have to offer visitors other than a town centre and streets that require some TLC, and scream that it is still a deprived area?

What about bringing back some coastal charm?

Offer quaint pubs and shops like Cornwall that will bring families and investment.

If I was a visitor, there’s not a lot that would draw me to Blyth.

Even the renovation of the old farm at Blyth beach would attract families if it was turned into a lovely pub/B&B, which was once proposed.

Come on Northumberland County Council and residents, let’s put the love and respect back into our area and make it a better place for residents and visitors alike.

Name and address supplied.