REGENERATION: A wasted opportunity

I read your article concerning the regeneration of Bedlington town centre with amazement, (News Post Leader, April 28).

Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 6:01 am
Bedlington scenes. REF 2701150829

Apparently there was an “open competition” and Councillor Alyson Wallace was “delighted the local community has been so positive and involved in the design competition”.

What design competition? We were presented with two designs and offered a choice between a few shops and lots of houses, or lots of houses and a few shops.

How many of the people actually wanted houses on the site, and of the 680 comments made, how many were favourable?

No one who I spoke to at the open viewing was very impressed – nothing for leisure. We could have had a town centre to be proud of, perhaps with an installation celebrating our mining heritage, etc.

I note we will be informed of the next steps in a matter of weeks.

Well, I don’t need to get my crystal ball out to know what the future holds. I only need to read the notices in the car park behind Tesco saying it is private land, owned by Arch. So I believe the result will be more houses.

By my reckoning, that will bring the total number of proposed housing developments to seven from Nedderton Village to Atlee Park alone, and I’m sure there are others I’m unaware of, which begs the question – where are all these people going to go for schools, doctors and leisure?

What a shame our decision-makers seem to have a one track mind, and what a wasted opportunity.

C Gray