Region needs A1 upgraded

Is it any wonder that there is a North-South divide?

This week’s announcement by the Labour Party’s front bench is another example of the ‘culture of failure’ promoted by them.

Labour is suggesting that because the last Labour government dismissed the idea of dualling the A1 between Newcastle and Edinburgh in 2006, this coalition government should do likewise. How daft is that!

Every economist understands that good road transport communications between major centres of economic activity is fundamental to economic development.

Linking the economic engines of Glasgow and Edinburgh with major cities of England via the A1 would bring the north east of England into the United Kingdom’s economic loop.

Note: Newcastle and Edinburgh are the only two cities in the United Kingdom that are not connected by motorways – we are asking for a dual carriageway.

Upgrading the A1 between the north east and Scotland should be a top priority for any government.

The whole of the north east would benefit; not least the ports of Blyth, Tyne and Wear, who have easy access by sea to Europe.

If anyone has any doubts about the importance of good road transport communications, just look at what the M8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh did for the Scottish economy.

What the north east needs now is serious political leadership to ensure we are no longer subject to institutionalised political neglect.

Why is the A1 called the A1? – Because it was the premier trade route for centuries.

Alan Thompson