Regulars to take part in beach clean

Blyth South Beach.
Blyth South Beach.

A pub manager is backing a national initiative to help with a local issue.

Phil Riddle and the team at The Wallaw, in Blyth, has adopted a section of the local beach in Blyth as part of the National Big Beach Clean Up.

The scheme, supported by The MSC (Marine Conservation Society), calls on volunteers to take part in a beach clean four times a year, in September, December, March and June.

Phil and a team of 20 will embark on the first clean of their section of beach, on Sunday, September 21, from 10am.

Phil said: “This is a fantastic community initiative and one that we are more than happy to get involved with at The Wallaw.

“Not only does the clean-up benefit our local environment here, making Blyth beaches safer and more attractive, but it has wider impact in terms of protecting the marine wildlife.”

The volunteers will also complete a ‘Beach Watch Volunteer Survey’, listing the items of litter and debris collected.

The survey, which logs what is being left and washed up, is to help the Government put pressure on relevant agencies to improve our beaches.