Reminding them of duty

I was amused that Mr Curran (News Post Leader, letters, March 6) should think that I should spend my time collecting condoms (used!) and bottles (empty) from Seven Oaks Park in Cramlington.

Mr Curran has, perhaps, lost sight of the fact that both Seven Oaks Park and Alexandra Park in Cramlington are considered as ‘strategic parks’ by Northumberland County Council and they have retained the right and the duty to maintain them, a task paid for by our council taxes.

Is it too much to expect that Northumberland County Council should carry out its duty, paid for by our taxes, to maintain Seven Oaks Park?

I suggest that it is not and if they need to be reminded of their duty then that is the task that I am happy to undertake.

Christopher Dorman-O’Gowan

Blyth Valley Conservative Association