Repair paths in cemetery

I noticed an article regarding the state of the counties roads and footpaths (News Post Leader, March 6), they (the council) are going to spend up to £600,000 making repairs.

Can I bring to attention the state of the footpaths at Cowpen crematorium in Blyth.

My Nan used to visit my grandad’s and cousin’s graves every weekend but she hasn’t been able to visit for ages due to the state of the paths near my grandad’s grave. She is 89 now and has to use a walking stick so it’s not safe for her to use the paths in there.

When I went a few weeks ago I noticed that they have extended the car park and made changes to the church, why didn’t the council spend some of that money repairing the paths so elderly people like my Nan can visit the graves of people they have lost and be safe?

Can someone from the council let me know if they intend to use some of this £600,000 to repair any of the paths at the cemetery or not?

Isn’t it sad that in this day and age, old people who have been in the war cannot visit the graves of their husbands and wives safely.

Jack McGuigan