Repairs on the way for huts

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REPAIRS are to be carried out to Blyth’s beach huts ready for the summer.

Some of the 20 huts’ sedum roofs have fallen into disrepair less than two years after they opened, but it is not known whether vandalism or weather damage is to blame.

A passer-by appalled by the state of the huts has called for the damage to be remedied as soon as possible.

Michael Stead, of Cottingwood Green, Newsham, said: “I do hope they are not going to be left in this state to rot and die like our wonderful new market place.”

The beach huts were created at a cost of £200,000 in 2009 by Newcastle architect the Ian Darby Partnership for the old Blyth Valley Borough Council.

They are now owned by Northumberland County Council and rented out, for £15 a day, by Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure.

A spokesperson for the county council said: “We are aware of the damage and will be getting the repairs done as soon as possible.

“We are seeking advice from the roof supplier, and once we receive a report from them, we will commission the work.”