RESEARCH: Seeking the work of poet

We have been working with an American man from Colorado over a few years now.

Saturday, 24th March 2018, 5:30 am

He is seeking to publish the complete works of a fairly well-known Victorian author, poet and hymn writer/musician, Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879).

Her parents included the Ridley in her name in memory of Bishop Ridley who had been burnt at the stake for his faith in Tudor times, and there is a suggestion that the Ridley family of Blagdon Hall can trace their roots back through him.

Most of the work of compiling Frances’ work is finished. There will be five volumes of over 1,000 pages each.

All her writings are found, apart from one small ‘penny booklet’, The Five Benefits, which we have yet to trace.

She wrote this for New Year 1875, basing it on the opening verses of Psalm 103. It was so popular that it was reprinted by the publishers C Caswell & Co, of Broad Street, Birmingham, four times in four weeks to meet demand.

If any of your readers have a copy of this small booklet, or know where one can be found, and are willing to loan it to us, we would be enormously grateful.

We can be contacted by email at [email protected] or by phone on 01670 946486.

David and Sheila Marlow