Residents call for reduction of speed limit

Residents calling for a speed limit reduction.
Residents calling for a speed limit reduction.

Residents of a county housing estate are calling on the reduction of the estate’s speed limit.

Locals living on Totnes Drive and Ringwood Drive on the Parkside Grange and Glade Estates in Cramlington, have signed a petition to get a 20mph zone on the entrance to the estate and the main roads off it.

Christine Dunbar, a local community improvement campaigner who organised the petition, said: “It’s crunch time, the report regarding our petition is going before Northumberland County Council South East Area Committe.

“If this reduced speed limit to 20 miles per hour is not implement it will be a travesty.

“I hope the local councillor will put up the cash from public money they are given each year for local schemes demanded by local people

“Local people have been telling me that speeding is a real issue and there is real concern that someone could get hit by a speeding car coming into a very diverse housing estate with lots of children.

“I have been so impressed by the support local people have shown by helping me get signatures and this shows a real commitment to try to solve this issue before there is an accident.”

The petition has been presented to Northumberland County Council who will now have to make a decision on whether to introduce a 20mph zone.