Residents demand an answer to parking

Residents have raised concerns about parking in a busy Cramlington road.

In February the News Post Leader reported how residences on Station Road had raised concerns about Northumbrland County Council allowing parking on a permit only basis, and no parking in front of Osborne Terrace.

And now Osborne Terrace residents have demanded answers about what is happening to parking in their street.

Resident Veronica Scott said: “It is so frustrating, the 11 people who live on Osborne Terrace are just forgotten about, we can’t seem to get any joy from the council, no one wants to tell us anything.

“We don’t seem to exist, we have lived here all these years and we just aren’t considered.

“Where are we meant to park our cars?

“The council has just decided what they want.”

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: “Station Road residents are experiencing external parking pressures from nearby businesses, and safety concerns when reversing from their driveways.

“Osborne Terrace presented a separate concern where parked vehicles create an obstruction when vehicles are turning into Manor Walks, particularly as HGVs regularly use this access.

“Parking bays could not physically be provided here based on safety reasons and on lack of available space on the carriageway.

“The single yellow line will permit parking outside of peak times when traffic volumes decrease.”