Residents fear an increase in noise with development

A planning application from Blyth Town Football Club to introduce a 300-seater stand has been met with objections from nearby residents.

But club chairwoman Sandra Orr is urging people to support the improvements, which the club say will enhance the community facility.

The club, established in 1995, has applied to build the spectator stand, reconfigure pitches and bring in new floodlighting and perimiter fencing at the South Newsham Recreation Ground.

But while the club has received good support for its plans to take the family run club forward, some residents have complained about the noise and disruption the work would cause.

One objection sent to the county council read: “What noise levels are the residents going to be subjected too with a potential 300 suporters shouting and cheering?

“With the erection of floodlights it seems that night games are likely, causing residents with young children even more problems.

“The incresse in noise levels is unacceptable for residents living less than 100 metres away.”

But with recent success on and off the pitch, Ms Orr wants the people of the town to support the club and welcome the improvements that they say will benefit the whole community.

“This is simply a natural progression for the club,” she said.

“Having a football ground with a stand and lights will be fantastic for our members, it will give our juniors something to aspire to.

“A lot of our senior team came through the junior ranks, some even have children of their own who play for the club, in essence, their fathers play and coach for Blyth Town FC – you cannot get any more family orientated than that.

“The club is simply endeavouring to maintain the momentum that it has enjoyed since establishing in 1995.

“The stand takes up a small area of the site, the floodlights are of the latest specification and therefore light is limited to the area which is to be lit, and therefore light pollution is minimal, then of course there is a tree barrier.

“We have an ecological study which confirms that there is no impact on wildlife, and the tree line, which people are speculating about ,is absolutely staying, in fact, we are looking to do additional planting.

“The tree line is an asset as it is a natural, attractive barrier.

“The fence is required as it meets league criteria, but it will also give us security for our facility and for our children – most amenities of this nature are fenced.

“If we were not a well run club who do things the right way and for the right reasons, we would simply not achieve the level of grant assistance we have done over the years.

“The asset of our facility is on the county’s books and the club continue to enhance that asset for the club and for the community.

“We are doing well considering we are volunteer ran with over 300 members, if this was run by the local authority the tax payer would have a hefty bill.”

Blyth Town have promotion in their sights, currently sitting second in the Northern Alliance premier division, but the club needs to meet certain requirements before they can be promoted to the Northern League.

Last year a public vote helped them win £150,000 to improve the community facility as part of The Budweiser Campaign.