Residents keep their estate clean and tidy

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A group of environmentally friendly residents on a new estate in Ashington have taken keeping their local estate clean and tidy into their own hands.

The Seaton Vale Residents Association is an active group that has organised a range of community events and activities for people who have come to live there – from extravaganzas for local children to a community ‘Big Lunch’.

Their most recent drive has been to pick up litter and unwanted items from around the estate and local area – working with Northumberland County Council through its LOVE Northumberland campaign.

A total of 40 bags of rubbish were gathered up and they used equipment provided by the county council’s neighbourhood services team, who also collected and disposed of the waste afterwards.

One of the organisers, Lindsay Wilson, said: “Everyone who came along did some great work.
“The estate is still under development so it is hard to keep it looking good.

“This work on litter collection made a huge difference and we now have plans to do some planting and other work that will help to improve the local environment.”

For more information on future events in the Seaton Vale area, email or join the Facebook page Seaton Vale Residents.

Future plans of the group include developing a welcome pack for new residents and more work around community safety and neighbourhood watch – making sure that elderly and vulnerable residents feel safe and supported.

If residents of the area want to get involved they should if anybody wants to be involved in similar activities in the Seaton Vale area