Residents pay for leased car park

I AM writing in response to Coun Alan Thompson, ‘No such thing as free car parking’ (News Post Leader, letters, August 18).

Using his words, ‘if there are no parking charges across the county then the cost of maintaining car parks has to be paid for from council tax, and those that will be hit the hardest will be those who do not even have a car’, he talks of hypocrisy, but he is a member of an organisation that has already ensured that the people of Newbiggin, car owners or not will pay for the Church Point car park.

This organisation has leased the car park to the county council for which a fee is paid and any repairs will come out of the council tax.

The county council cannot recoup any money back because the lease includes a covenant prohibiting charging for parking.

Is this fair?

I understand the reasons for the situation and agree, because as a Labour councillor I am worried about jobs, local business, tourism and the people I represent, that is why I voted to have free parking throughout Northumberland.


County councillor

North Seaton and Newbiggin West