Residents will see ‘value for money’

Bedlington scenes.'REF 2701150789
Bedlington scenes.'REF 2701150789

Town councillors say residents in part of Bedlington will see ‘value for money’ in their council tax this year.

A decrease in expenditure at West Bedlington Town Council means there will be more money to spend this financial year, with residents facing a minimal rise in their council precepts.

Talks are also under way to create a new pot of money for improvements to the town following requests by residents, while youngsters will also be given a greater say.

Council tax will rise 0.23 per cent for 2015-16, a total of 9p a year for Band A, 14p a year for Band B and 28p a year for Band H.

Overall expenditure has also reduced from £180,962 in 2014-15 to £179,699 for 2015-16, a reduction of £1,263 for the year.

Mayor Simon Tyler said: “There are also plans to enhance service levels across the area with our starting point being a newly launched asset management programme.

“The council has ensured that it continues to support local not-for-profit organisations by maintaining the level of its Community Chest Fund, and it has enhanced its financial support to the Bedlington In Bloom group.

“The first thing to address are bus shelters in key areas.

“And there will be a newly created ‘Pupils Fund’ aiming to provide funds that place pupils at the centre of its funding.

“Over the next financial year our residents will have more visual evidence of improvements to the parish.

“It is an increased value at no extra cost.”