Respect others’ right to use path

IN response to the letter ‘Cycling dangers on path and prom’ (News Post Leader, August 30), I’d like to set a few things straight as a keen cyclist and regular cycle commuter.

The Eve Black path is listed as part of the National Cycle Network and is clearly marked on regional cycle route maps provided by Sustrans, it is a path for use by all which means common courtesy goes two ways.

I don’t have a bell on my bike, I’ve never needed one, slowing down to walking pace and shouting ‘excuse me please’ usually suffices.

But I am still amazed at how many people don’t hear me and fail to move aside, and even when they do glare at me as if I’m the Gestapo on wheels as I ride past.

I’ll be the first to admit that not all cyclists are as respectful to other users of the path as some, but walking three or four abreast on a path clearly signposted as a cycle route when many cyclists are using it, and making hardly any effort to control dogs and children when a bike approaches, is hardly good practice either.

Ultimately the Eve Black path is for joint use and so all parties who use it need to respect each other’s right to do so.

Walkers need to take note of why cyclists use this path, we are often commuting to and from work, exercising or simply spending time with friends and family, which means less cars on the road and less fuel burned with healthier people as a bonus, which benefits everyone.

And those cyclists who tear past walkers without fair notice need to slow down when passing, especially when kids and dogs are about.

If this region and country really wants to support cycling, the often tyrannical hatred of cyclists held by some needs to end and more needs to be done to promote a sport which yielded more Olympic gold medals this year than any other.