Revenue available with sponsorship

I WRITE in response to Coun Barrie Crowther’s letter (News Post Leader, January 26) regarding potential revenue from roundabout advertising or sponsorship.

I am in total agreement with the councillor that it is time the county council passed something to the town/parish councils that actually brought in some revenue, rather than merely unloading services in order to cut its own expenditure, and thereby town councils have to shoulder the financial burden.

However, it is his own party that made this decision.

It was the decision of the ruling Liberal Democrats to pass on – or not to pass on – particular services, a party to which he acts as county and town councillor for.

Maybe the councillor realises how wrong such decisions are from his own ruling party.

Similarly, when I raised the subject of sponsorship, advertising etc last year in public question time at a town council meeting – rather than the public footing the entire cost of services – the idea was immediately refused.

Given the services that the town council will have responsibility for – play areas, allotments, bus stops, public seats etc – the opportunities for a Cramlington business to advertise in its own town are many.

This would bring in revenue to the council, and hence offset some of its rising expenditure.

I cannot understand why the town council would refuse to pursue this method.

I assume the councillor will object to his own party’s decision on a town council level, as well as county level, regarding potential income from some services/responsibilities, and I look forward to the idea being revisited, with a more sensible outcome.