Rewarding the wealthy

YOU know me butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, mild-mannered and tolerant of all others.

Gently scan your fellow man (and woman), I say, well, apart from greedy bankers the city wide-boys and all the other fat cats whose naked avarice caused the ongoing recession for which ordinary, decent folk have to pick up the bill.

Not to mention the Right-wing coalition government that persists in rewarding the rich and penalising the poor.

What really sticks in my throat is government ministers constantly bleating that they inherited an economic mess.

The structural deficit they inherited in 2010 was no worse than the one inherited by Labour in 1997.

It is true that Gordon Brown, both as chancellor and as prime minister made the mistake of putting too much faith in the financial sector which let everyone down.

However, Labour did not cause the worldwide collapse of bank lending in 2008-09.

Now the coalition, instead of investing to kick-start the economy, is exaggerating the crisis as an excuse to cut back on public services and slash welfare through the ‘bedroom tax’, the cap on benefits and axing disability payments.

It is the failure of capitalism and the economic system which is to blame, compounded by the coalition’s eagerness to undermine the NHS and dismantle the welfare state.

As an example of double standards, 25 Lloyds Banking Group executives in the last year earned between £1m and £3m. Yet the bank, which is 39 per cent owned by the taxpayer, has frozen the pay of staff for several years, and 4,000 employees have received no increase at all.

It is one rule for the millionaires and another for hard-up staff on the front line.