Right to have an opinion

I refer to John Barrell’s letter regarding the proposed Barratts development in New Hartley

I do not wish to enter into an argument, but I feel I must defend myself and the right to my opinion.

Regarding the remark ‘general apathy’, it is not apathy, it is being a realist.

I wonder how many development applications have been refused in Northumberland in the last few years? I’ll wager not many.

Believe me, nothing would please me more than for Barratts’ application to fail.

I have lived in New Hartley for seven years and do not want it spoiled; it’s fine as it is.

I will not write any more on this subject at present as I too will be attending the public meeting on September 8 in New Hartley Memorial Hall.

We will all be able to express our views and opinions then.

Alan Jepsen

New Hartley