Ring bell and I will move

In relation to David Levy’s letter (News Post Leader, August 21), I am assuming he is talking about the Eve Black cycle path at Blyth and Seaton Sluice beach.

Are cyclists kept on a leash when they go out to exercise on their bike?

I have every right to walk my dog there every day because it is a safe path to walk her on with easy access to the beach.

If cyclists don’t like dogs on a path that they are rightly allowed to walk on then they can use the path that runs along the beach road.

I mean they love cycling on Laverock Hall Road with its council funded, unusued cycle path running parallel.

The biggest safety issue on the path are cyclists as they pose a greater risk to everyone, not just dog walkers.

I’ve lost count of the amount of inconsiderate cyclists that have cycled past without warning and nearly hit my dog, only to make a remark as they cycle away.

I also regularly see small children learning to ride their bikes only to have to move as adults cycle past.

It’s quite simple, get a bike bell and use it.

The majority of cycle users on the path are friendly and will ring their bell to make you aware they are approaching, but there is a minority that prefer to zoom past just to make a point.

If people ring a bell I will move my dog for you to go past. But until then I will continue to walk my dog there, ball throwing and irritating cyclists as we go.

Stacey Reilly