ROAD: An everyday danger to all

Referring to your article regarding the A193 (News Post Leader, February 8), I share the concern regarding the safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians on this extremely dangerous road.

Thursday, 15th February 2018, 06:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th February 2018, 13:00 pm

Unfortunately, my house is situated on the A193, which until the Spine Road (A189) was opened, was a minor road, the B1505, which connected Killingworth, Cramlington, etc, to Bedlington.

The status of the B1505 was changed to a trunk road at the T-junction at Bebside Hall, despite the road width being narrower than the part left as a minor road.

I travel this part of the A193 to Bedlington several times each day. It is a nerve-racking event trying to get out of one’s drive due to the amount of traffic.

Turning right, one drives down a long hill with tight bends. From the last house to the worst bend there is no footpath.

On numerous occasions it has been necessary for me to brake sharply or mount the footpath because HGVs, articulated vehicles, farm vehicles, timber wagons and buses are across the white line in the centre of the road.

Despite speed and ‘Go Slow’ signs on the road, some drivers take no notice.

I have written to Northumberland County Council several times requesting a weight restriction for the road, but received various negative reasons why not to do so. One reason given was that there was ‘no appreciable increase in the volume of traffic’.

There have been many accidents on this part of the A193, with some vehicles going through barriers and fences, or into the stone wall. The house at the edge of the bridge has had its wall knocked down on several occasions.

Every day pedestrians and cyclists use this dangerous road. During school holidays and at weekends children have to negotiate a blind bend where there is no footpath while on their way to Attlee Park, Bedlington Country Park and the river.

I suggest this part of the dangerous A193 should terminate in Blyth and the road from Bebside Hall to Bedlington be re-designated B1505, with a weight restriction.

Merle S Rewcastle