Road changes to improve town streets

Road changes to improve safety and cut congestion in Ashington town centre are being introduced next week.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 17:02 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd February 2019, 17:07 pm
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The new road linking the A197 Parkway Roundabout to Woodhorn Road at Wetherspoons is due to open on Monday, and is part of the long-term scheme to improve the streets in the town centre for pedestrians, reduce speeds, the potential for accidents and ease congestion.

The traffic lights at the major junctions are being removed and replaced with mini roundabouts with a mixture of crossings. A 20mph zone is also being introduced across the town centre.

The new section will help traffic avoid passing through the Grand Corner and Asda junctions to ease current traffic queues on Lintonville Terrace.

The work, carried out on behalf of Advance Northumberland, will also help attract retail and leisure expansion for the development of Portland Park.

All the entry points into the 20mph zone will be clearly marked and signposted. The zone extends from the Station Road Grand Corner junction in each direction including Lintonville Terrace and Woodhorn Road and the new road.

The area of the 20mph zone will also be a restricted parking zone with no loading and no parking on the highway within the area, other than in designated bays. This is to give maximum visibility and to avoid obstruction.

When the new road opens, the junction outside Wetherspoons is also changing.

The old traffic lights are being replaced by a new mini roundabout and two traffic light-controlled pedestrian crossings across Woodhorn Road and the new road.