Road repairs are urgent at building site

After six years of living in the middle of a building site it seems that, with the last available square inch of space now filled, the building work will soon be finished and peace and quiet will once more descend on our neighbourhood.

Hopefully the roads, which have been turned into an assault course, will be resurfaced, and not just patched, prior to the builder’s final farewell.

I refer to 7th Avenue, especially at the junction with Milburn Road, the lane between Elder Square and Beech Terrace and the two connecting roads between.

The outriggers of the heavy machinery and delivery wagons have dug up holes and gouged the Tarmac in many places, making trips and falls an everyday hazard for the residents of the named streets.

I don’t know who is responsible for the required repairs but I would hope it is the building firm as then at least it will have to foot the bill, whereas if it is the council then it is the residents, through their taxes, upon whose shoulders the cost will fall.

David Cowton