Road safety measures put in place at Northumberland school

St Benet Biscop School at Bedlington.
St Benet Biscop School at Bedlington.

New measures are set to be introduced to a Northumberland school aimed at increasing road safety.

A trial of changes to the drop off arrangements for school buses in the morning at St Benet Biscop High School in Bedlington, will start towards the end of the summer term.

The initial trial will involve buses carrying children of high school age dropping off on Netherton Lane, which will mean many of the coaches currently entering the school in the morning will no longer need to do so.

Other measures which have already been taken include widening the area for turning into the school and installing a new pedestrian guardrail at Ridge Terrace. These have significantly reduced the potential for pedestrian conflict with buses going into and out of the site.

The introduction of School Keep Clear Zig-Zags at Netherton Lane has also improved safety along with the exit for buses and any other vehicles exiting the site.