Ronnie Campbell MP slams Brexit shambles

Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.

What a shambles, you really could not make it up.

Theresa May’s government is in meltdown over Brexit.

My constituents are well aware that I voted out of the European Union because I could not stomach the cosy club for billionaires and bureaucrats that I believe the EU had become.

I always knew that it would not be easy to deliver the people’s verdict after the referendum.

I knew that there would have to be some compromise, as any good trade union negotiator knows.

I knew that we do not always get everything we want.

Last week’s Chequers summit to thrash out a negotiating stance that the whole cabinet could go along with was initially hailed as a triumph for Theresa May by the increasingly jittery Tory media.

Instead, it quickly unravelled and has turned into complete and utter chaos.

Brexit Secretary David Davis was the first to quit, followed by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Good riddance, I say, even though we were on the same side in the referendum vote. Boris’s apparent ambitions to become Prime Minister are dead in the water.

Mrs May fudged over the Customs Union, the security of our borders and where exactly we’ll be in terms of trade with the EU and the rest of the world.

And fudge is not what the voters voted for in 2016.

Maybe she hopes that Donald Trump will ride to the rescue later this week with a spanking new trade deal. If so, she really is living in cloud cuckoo land.

The truth is that the country is at a standstill, with a divided and shambolic government.

The PM cannot deliver Brexit and has zero authority left.

As a Labour politician, I welcome the Tories getting their comeuppance.

As someone who is proud of my community, my region, and my country, it is a crying shame.