Ronnie maps out route to warmer residents

Warm Zone's Andrew Baty. MP Ronnie Campbell and Warm Zone's John Leslie.
Warm Zone's Andrew Baty. MP Ronnie Campbell and Warm Zone's John Leslie.

A LOCAL MP has urged people in the south east of the county to be prepared for winter by taking advantage of the chance to get free house insulation.

Blyth MP Ronnie Campbell met with the team from Northumberland Warm Zones in Blyth to look at ways to help thousands of people stay warm and healthy during the coming winter.

Warm Zones are a not for profit organisation working in partnership with Northumberland County Council and aim to improve energy efficiency in the home, reduce fuel bills and provide a warmer, healthier home.

Warm Zones are now able to offer free loft and cavity wall insulation to everyone meaning that anyone and especially vulnerable and elderly people do not have to endure the cold thanks to the help on hand.

As well as making a property substantially warmer, a properly insulated loft can lead to savings of about £120 off the cost of a typical home’s heating bills and coupled with cavity wall insulation, the savings can amount to as much as £300.

The cost savings aren’t all that Warm Zones can help the people of Northumberland with as a warm home can also help keep its occupants fit and healthy.

Warm Zones’ director Alan Milburn said: “Anyone who thinks they may need home insulation should call us to arrange for a free energy assessment to be carried out.

“One phone call to us could help to save a person’s life this winter, particularly if elderly people are involved.

“The cold is a killer but we can help prevent unnecessary deaths by making sure that everyone’s home is properly insulated and what’s more, this is a totally free service.”

Mr Campbell added: “There really is no need for anyone to have a cold home this winter thanks to the free cavity wall and loft insulation available from Warm Zones.”