Ronnie supports local bingo hall

BLYTH Valley MP Ronnie Campbell returned to the scene of his youth to see how the latest industry is coping.

The Labour MP dropped into Blyth’s Mecca Bingo last Tuesday, returning to the same building – the former Roxy ballroom – which saw him dance the night away as a young man.

Mr Campbell met staff and customers at the bingo hall, and even joined them in a quick game.

He spoke to Andy Hubbard, Mecca Blyth’s general manager, about how the industry is coping and potentially being damaged by excessive taxation.

Andy said: “We appreciate Ronnie taking the time to show his support for his local bingo club and talk to the team members about the important social role bingo plays for our customers.

“I’m hopeful that with the support of MPs like Mr Campbell, we will be able to ensure the Government makes the bingo taxation regime fairer.”

Mr Campbell said: “As someone who knows how important bingo is to my community, I’m delighted to be able to visit Mecca Blyth.

“I support bingo because it offers a fun way for people in my community to spend time together in an inclusive environment.

“I have great memories of driving my mother to her beloved weekly bingo game, and I’m pleased to see that bingo is still a big draw for my constituents.

“The club and its staff are first class – bingo desperately needs a fairer deal on tax than it currently gets.”