ROUNDABOUT: Creating problems

Your leading article about the proposal to limit the exit on the mini-roundabout to buses-only at Moor Farm beggars belief, (News Post Leader, August 30).

Thursday, 6th September 2018, 6:31 am

I am assuming that this has been suggested by the bus operator, probably because of the waiting time needed to gain access to the main roundabout, as affects all other vehicles.

Could I suggest that both sets of traffic lights to the right of the roundabout be held back on red for a further 20 seconds to allow traffic to enter?

This would be a simple solution.

Should this proposal succeed, it would mean vehicles having to gain access to the A189 via the Cramlington hospital slip-road, increasing traffic and impeding ambulance movements.

The other alternative would be through Northumberland Business Park, exiting at the Co-op garage, which has no signals, and again, there would be a build-up of traffic.

There is not even a slip-road from Dudley Lane to the A19 south, and even if there was, a greater build-up of traffic would be created at Moor Farm.

Finally, could I suggest that before any decision is made by the Highways Agency, it conducts a 24/7 traffic movement analysis over seven days.

From this, a better overall picture could be obtained.

John Reid