ROUNDABOUT: Questions still remain

I was pleased to read that, at last, someone has seen sense and decided to do something with the appalling Laverock Hall roundabout at Blyth.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 6:00 am

However, I have two concerns.

With a proposed three-week time scale, I fear the work will be cosmetic rather than long lasting.

I suspect the workers will remove the two lanes and erect a fence to protect the show house, and not change the road configuration as is needed.

Also, as they went over the original build time, how confident can you be that any meaningful change will be completed on time?

I would also like to ask how this roundabout got through the planning stage as I believe it had to approved?

Could Coun Davey inform the people who use this road what the changes are before the work starts?

If the developers have a plan, it should be shared before they create mayhem again.

Iain Moscrop