ROUNDABOUT: Residents led to action

I cannot believe that Northumberland County Council is claiming success at '˜pushing' the developer to make improvements to the roundabout on Laverock Hall Road.

Friday, 3rd June 2016, 6:18 am

This design was part of the planning application approved by the council for the adjacent development and was supervised and constructed to the council’s approval as part of the Section 278 agreement.

If adequate technical scrutiny of the application had been provided in the first place this roundabout should never have been built in this form.

The council’s highways development team was a consultee on the application and raised no objection to the design, or the comments of the road safety audit that accompanied that application.

It should have picked up the faults with the layout that were drawn to its attention as soon as it came into use.

Rather than claiming success at getting changes made, Coun Davey should be apologising for officers not addressing these issues at the planning stage when changes would have been much easier and cheaper to incorporate.

It was only when residents raised a petition over the safety of this junction that the council took any action. Yet resident concerns on applications are frequently overlooked as not being relevant to planning considerations.

When will Northumberland County Council realise that residents do have genuine and valid concerns on what is happening to their county?

John Barrell

New Hartley