ROUNDABOUTS: Frightening experiences

Twice recently I have had a very frightening experience at a Cramlington roundabout.

On both occasions the car suddenly slewed across the road and almost did a complete circle. I was travelling well within the 30mph limit, the road was not wet and it was daylight.

I recalled this incident to a friend and he said he had experienced a very similar scare in his car quite recently.

I would not have thought too much about this but for the fact that I witnessed this happening to a car travelling ahead of me last weekend. Both he and I were travelling south along Dudley Lane, quite slowly as most of us know how well the speed limit is controlled there, when I witnessed the other car skidding out of control. Luckily no other cars were nearby and we both stopped. The driver was very shocked, as I had been when it happened to me.

I wonder, has this happened to anyone else in Cramlington?

WG Hill

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