ROUNDABOUTS: Safety may be at stake

The following is my reply to an Intouch news sheet received from the local Conservative team.

Years ago I sent a letter to Northumberland County Council, re the lack of roundabouts from our retail park. I was told there was lack of money and it was the responsibility of developers.

I sent another letter and even spoke to someone. I caught in our mall a councillor and even mentioned it to him.

And still nothing happened.

To my amazement they started to do some work at that junction, but was shocked to find out that they were just adjusting the exit and not arranging a roundabout.

For the time and money they spent, they could have arranged a simple painted roundabout satisfying all estate and retail park requirements.

However, I would still like to say why does Cramlington retail park have no exit roundabouts when, say, Silverlink and most others have?

Why does the exit onto Forum Way from the retail park not have right of way as it is carrying major traffic, especially at Christmas and weekends?

Why do Cramlington and Annitsford not have traffic lights onto the roundabout at Moor Farm as does Silverlink?

Why does the Seaton Burn old A1/Holiday Inn roundabout, for a very small number of cars compared to Cramlington/Moor Farm have traffic lights?

I have approached the Highways Agency re the Moor Farm roundabout without any success.

Everyone I speak to complains about the Moor Farm roundabout. Am I the only person to have complained and written letters about these two areas? Is everyone just complacent.

I am getting too old to care, but I do have children and grandchildren who have to use these areas and care for their safety, especially as I recently arrived at the Moor Farm roundabout just after a large wagon had overturned.

Perhaps someone out there could make a difference.

Name and address supplied