Sacking after fuel worth £75k is stolen

A COUNCIL employee has been sacked and another given a formal warning after a large amount of fuel was stolen from two depots.

An investigation was carried out by officers at Northumberland County Council after concerns were raised by a manager at the sites in Stakeford and Blyth.

The internal probe was launched just under a year ago with evidence showing the theft of around £75,000 of fuel from the yards.

One council employee was sacked, another given a final written warning and another member suspected of being involved in the fuel theft was dismissed for other reasons relating to gross misconduct.

Members of the authority’s audit committee were given a report of the theft at their last meeting, being told measures were in place in to prevent another incident of its kind.

The report said: “Procedures have already been invoked to prevent such a situation arising again.

“In the south east, procedures have been implemented and following the outcome of the investigation, operational teams, service managers and fleet have worked together to implement new operational procedures across Northumberland.”

Among the action taken by the council is enhancing the CCTV coverage at the depot in Stakeford and introducing it at the Blyth yard.

Although there was no evidence of fraud in the rural yards, they will be included in the roll out of procedural changes.