Safety fears at lack of lighting in park

Christine Dunbar and Mark Swinburn at the play area in Eastfield, Cramlington.
Christine Dunbar and Mark Swinburn at the play area in Eastfield, Cramlington.

Worried parents have raised concerns over a children’s play area just a month after it was officially opened.

The new facility in Eastfield, Cramlington, was opened in January after refurbishment work by the town council.

But parents are already questioning the lack of lighting in the park, which they believe is a potential security risk.

Parents have also flagged concerns that groundwork was not allowed to settle before the park was opened, leading to muddy and boggy conditions.

Parent Mark Swinburn said: “This is so disappointing.

“After campaigning for a safer play area for so long, what has turned out to be a very good facility is let down by the total lack of any lighting.

“At a time when young children are there, it is essential that the park is well lit and enjoys the same security as other parks in Cramlington.

“Questions really need to be asked of how such a prestigious scheme costing a small fortune can have been allowed to develop without someone asking about the lights.”

Eastfield resident and parent Christine Dunbar added: “This is the only children’s play area in Cramlington that is without lighting, in the middle of a field with walkways and cycle paths nearby.

“It’s common sense to put lights up to give added safety for our children as well as protecting the park from any vandals at night.

“If we want this park to be the best then it needs the basic services of lights and bins. Currently it has neither.”

Cramlington Town Council clerk Bob Baker said: “We were not aware of any complaints about the play park.

“We have not provided lighting in the park simply because we wouldn’t want to encourage after dark usage, and it would encourage older children who may be more prone to anti-social behaviour.

“We would urge anyone with a complaint to contact the council directly.”