Sailor still in India despite charges being dropped

A pirate hunter is still stranded in India despite charges being dropped against him last month.

Family and friends of Nick Dunn had been hoping the 28-year-old would have been back home in Ashington by July 25 after an Indian judge quashed charges against him and his colleagues.

Nick had been among 36 sailors arrested by Indian authorities last October when their security vessel Seaman Guard Ohio was detained on weapon offences.

But his nine-month hell has been extended as he is still in India four weeks after the charges were dropped and fears have been raised he could be there for another 90 days – taking his ‘detention’ in India to a year.

Now his family have hit out at the Indian authorities while they foot the bill for his living expenses.

Nick’s sister Lisa said: “Four weeks after the case against my brother and his colleagues was quashed, they are still no closer to coming home.

“Potentially, they may have to stay in the country up to 90 days which takes us to mid-October, exactly a year after the whole situation began.

“Their passports still haven’t been released yet and the investigating police department are making things as awkward and difficult as they possibly can.

“I am funding his hotel and living expenses out there so things are becoming a huge strain now.

“Four weeks ago, I really thought it was the beginning to the end of this but it seems that we still have a really long way to go.”

Speaking last month, Lisa said: “We still have an element of caution.

“Until he lands at Newcastle Airport that’s when I’ll finally come to terms with realising he’s finally home and it’s real.”

Nick had spent six months in prison before the crewman were granted bail in March but remained in India while lawyers for American company Advan-Fort fought to have the charges dropped.