Scandal made worse by ‘turn of a blind eye’

Yet more outrage involving a British bank has hit the headlines, this time not so much involving bankers but the ‘Secret Squirrels’ who have hidden their money in a Swiss bank account to avoid the tax man back home.

Millions of unpaid tax has probably accumulated because rich Britons have been able to salt away their money in of all things an overseas HSBC subsidiary while honest, hard-working people paid up their dues.

It’s nothing short of a scandal made worse because this government was prepared to turn a blind eye to tax-avoidance on an industrial scale.

Prime Minister David Cameron even made the man at the helm of HSBC when this was going on a minister in his government when he left the bank.

All this at a time when Ed Miliband and the Labour Party are under attack for not being the ‘friends’ of business. Let me put your readers straight.

When we come to power in May we will be supportive of businesses but ones that play by the rules that apply to all of us, as well as creating employment and job security for the people they employ and who do pay their taxes without fail.