Scandal was a disgrace

I write in reply to the letter from Mr Heywood (News Post Leader, January 15).

The Equitable Life scandal was an utter disgrace and we certainly need to publicise the politicians’ total unconcern over a long time.

I am one of the people being pathetically compensated by the Equitable Life Compensation Scheme – as you probably know, we were originally promised a guaranteed annuity return (GNR), and of course we did not get it.

This scheme is being run by a collection of absolute clowns who appear to be part of National Savings and Investments in Glasgow.

There is no telephone number for them, no email address, just a box number. The address is concealed by Google has revealed it. So communicating with them is difficult. Particularly when they insisted four times on getting my new address, which had not changed.

Nothing whatever had changed but they said they could not communicate with me in any way until I gave them my new address. Letters from them appear to be written by imbeciles.

I now have the Prudential, who picked some of the pieces, paying me a pathetic annuity reducing every year.

The Department of Works and Pensions insist that it increases every year and it has taken me two years to have that corrected (apparently their computer is programmed that way and they tell me that I will have to write to them every year to have it manually corrected).

I am 75 now and will have to wait another six years just to get all the compensation out. I am going to make an effort at least to get that money out. I’m not that hopeful but will be trying.

Jack Law

Address supplied